Welcome to the Winnipig blog!

Wow, firstly what an amazing couple of months it's been!

We thought we would start a blog so we could share the ups and downs of our little venture, so we shall start by detailing our journey from the beginning. We are a mother and daughter team, Lucy (36) and Grace (15) we live in a small village in Worksop, Nottinghamshire. We started making wax melts in March 2020 during the Covid-19 Lockdown. We soon became addicted and began sharing them with friends and family who thought they were great! We honed our craft even more and we still have melts that were 'practice runs' burning at home for personal use. After much persuasion from others we decided to launch our little business.

So lets start with the question we're asked the most... Where does the name come from?

Winnipigs wax is named after our beloved English Bulldog Winston, we lost him 2 years ago and he was a huge part of our family. He gained the nickname Winnipig as he was a Bulldog - they have a tendency to snore like pigs, eat like pigs and smell worse than pigs!

Grace is the creative genius behind the scenes. She was adamant that we must stick to our brand and have pig shaped wax melts So off we went in search of pig shaped moulds for our melts. We purchased quite a few before deciding we had found the right one! Nobody tells you when you start out how expensive things will get! The process is quite lengthy as alongside making the most amazing smelling wax melts we also have to apply each pig's eyes individually! That is why when you get your Winnipigs Pig shaped Wax Melts they will all be unique, some may have a patch on their ear or nose, others may have no distinguishing features, but what they do have in common is they all smell divine! We also offer heart shaped wax melts for those who aren't keen on the piggies.

Our Logo and photography

Grace also designed and drew our logo, which we think is awesome and very unique, she takes the photographs for all of our products and she designed this website too!

Newspaper & Radio

We were thrilled to be contacted by our local newspaper The Worksop Guardian, they found our pig wax melts on Instagram and asked us if they could write an article about our business.

Things were looking up and going really well, we were thrilled. Then a couple of weeks later we were contacted by another journalist, this time from BBC Radio Sheffield who wanted us to appear on their breakfast show! We went live this morning and it was extremely nerve wracking! Everyone was so kind though and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Who knows what's next...? Grace wants to appear on This Morning, 2 months ago I would have laughed at the prospect but now I live by the mantra, 'never say never!'

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