4 Bags of (6) Pig Melts

4 Bags of (6) Pig Melts

For £10 you can purchase a box of 4 individual bags of wax melts.

Each bag contains 6 pig shaped melts.

Please select your fragrance options from the drop down list.

A detailed description of each fragrance can be found on the individual listings along with the relevant CLP's


*Please note colours may vary.


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    Due to this being a natural, handmade product, variations may be possible.

    Depending on the size of your wax melt/oil burner, you may need two melts. These can be burnt down many times until the scent is used.  Our Melts are highly fragranced, we use the maximum amount fragrance oil the wax will hold. Each melt will last on average 8-12 hours